At Middlesex Garage Door, you can find a broad range of garage door openers. Our selection is presenting a great functionality for any garage door. One of our excellent customer services is the ability to provide our clients with the right garage door opener, based on their needs and as well, on their budget. Today there are several great solutions when it comes to garage door opener. The price range is also wide enough from the cheapest to the most expensive one.


Residential Garage Door Openers:


When searching for new garage door opener, it is important to consider several points with your door.


  • Size

  • Weight

  • Space (where will it be installed)

  • Budget


Although most of the residential garage doors can operate with 1/2hp or 3/4hp openers, we also want to match it correctly by scaling the exact weight of the door and also - the hardware system, which is the size of the springs. After we have all the necessary information about the door, we will be able to avoid future failure of the opener, and also to guarantee its long life of smooth operation.


Liftmaster Openers:

The most reliable garage door opener in the market. We offer several options of Liftmaster and endless solutions for any problem that may be.


Chain driven opener: Most basic garage door openers, comes with either 1/2hp or 3/4hp. Very reliable and long life operation and also a keypad and a set of 2 remote controls. If you don’t care about the noise it makes while working, that can be a great solution for you.


Belt driven opener: It is a bit more expensive from the chain opener, but for a smooth and quiet operating, it is worth that investment. The belt driven is preventing the noises while it is dragging the door.


All Liftmaster openers have its extended manufacturer warranty, and if you choose us to install your garage door opener, you will enjoy our extended warranty program, which is covering the installation as well as the parts.

Middlesex Garage Door Repair, Located at Edison, Middlesex County NJ. All jobs are certified and insured. Click here for more info.  

Garage Door Openers & Repair


Never let any unqualified person to work on your door opener. You must use a qualified company which authorized to replace garage door openers. If you choose to do it by yourself, you endangers yourself and your family.

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