Garage Door Springs & Repair

Garage door springs are working under massive pressure. it is very dangerous to try replacing them without having certified training. By doing so, you endanger yourself and the proper functioning of the garage door. Always use a qualified professional technician to replace the springs, it will ensure your maximum safety.


Garage Doors are working with either Extension springs or Torsion Springs. 


Extension Spring: A pair of springs, located on each side of the door and while operating the door, the springs are getting extended and by that they supporting the weight of the door. Extension springs are very familiar with single residential doors, and when one of the springs break, we will recommend replacing them both, to make sure the door will be balanced.

Torsion Spring: The differences between extension and torsion, with torsion spring there, is a big metal rod inside the spring and mostly will be found above the door. Torsion springs considered as Heavy Duty spring and can found on residential and commercial - heavy garage doors. 

It can be very frustrating when the spring of your garage door break. The spring is an inseparable part of a proper function of your garage door.  Without it, you can't lift up the door well and apparently you can damage the door motor.

In that case, don’t use it in any way! You need to replace the broken spring.


Why us?

All of our technicians were passing through our strict training program to ensure their professional abilities as certified technicians. Also, we will check the safety of your overhead garage door for free, to make sure it will keep function properly in the future.


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