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Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Guide

Although, garage door openers providing years of reliable operation, still, many things can go wrong. Some of the problems you can fix by yourself with a bit of basic technical skills.

In this guide, we will go through some common problems of garage door openers, in a wish to help you solve, some of it, by yourself.



I use the remote control, or push the button on the wall and nothing happening

We all uses electrical devices every day, day to day, but only when something goes wrong - only then we understand our dependence on those devices. One of those "devices" is the garage door opener. 


So, what to do if the opener is not working, not by remote or the inside button? Before you call us for repair - you should try to do the following checks:


First, let's check if we're getting power

Make sure to unplug the opener from its electric plug, and then try to use some other electrical device on that plug to see if it's working. Also, take a look at the sensors and check the LED lights, or the LED light on the wall button - If you don't see the lights, you probably experience an electrical shortcut.


What to do?

Go to your main control power box in your house and check the breaker switch, it may need to be reset.

If the problem is not with the electric source - You will need to check that you didn't lock the garage door opener by mistake. You'll know it's locked if you see the LED lights is flashing at the box on the wall (Where you use to press the button to operate it). To release it back, just press the lock button for few seconds, until you see the LED light is back to green solid.


If it's not locked, let's check the sensors

Another thing you will want to check will be your sensors. You will see the sensors attached on both sides of the tracks at the high level of your knees. The sensor shoots a beam of lights all the way across, to the other sensor. If there is something in the way, it won't closed. Make sure to remove anything that may block the connections between the sensors - In some cases, if something hit one of the sensors and bent it, you won't be able to see the green LED appears. Make sure to remove anything that may block its way, or adjusted the sensors to a straight line. One more tip: Clear the lenses from dirt or ice.


If only remote is not working and also, after you replaced your battery, make sure you have the right battery. A remote battery is round battery 2032.

If Keypad is not working, also check the battery by pulling down the bottom plastic piece of the keypad, and replace the battery with a new 9 Volt battery. If you're replacing the battery on the keypad, you may need to reprogram it with a new code. You can find instructions on how to program the keypad, on the back surface of the unit - it should be an easy way to do.


If any of that was not enough to solve the problem, and you still having a problem to open and close your door, we recommend to call us for a service on your garage door opener.

You can reach us by phone: (732) 947-4487 Toll-Free number: (888) 272-8735

You can also contact us via mail at our contact page.



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