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Garage Door Won't Stay Closed Or Opens Too Far

Sometimes when a garage door is traveling to far up, the trolley crashes into the stopper bolt and will get jammed. You can use a hammer to release it, but how would you adjust it right to avoid this situation again? Read more to know.


The “trolley” is a piece of metal that is being connected by chains on both sides. One chain is attached to the door and the other chain is attached to the opener. The trolley run on a track while opening and closing the door. A proper gap between the trolley and the the stopper bolt should be 4 inch. If, for some reason it's less than 4 inch, you should adjust the opener. Another thing we want to make sure, is the highest of the door. It always should be open all the way.


What needs to be adjusted?
On the opener you will see two holes, those are the limit adjusters. One is controlling on the door going down, and the other one is controlling on the door going up. One turn of the screw is equal to approximately 2”. Take a flat screwdriver and turn a half turn left on the screw that controlling the door go up. It will effect only on the closing. If the door open, but not completely, you will need to adjust the travel limit clockwise.

Important information before you change the limit adjusters. Make sure that nothing is actually stopping the door to get its full engagements. Check the tracks to see if nothing block the rollers, or if you have a broken roller that avoiding full opening of the door. Also, check the cables, pulleys, springs and sensors - make sure they all working properly. Only after you sure about the proper function of the hardware - only then you can try to adjust it through the limit adjusters.


Remember always to keep the trolley 4” from the stopper bolt.

We do not recommend to use the limit adjusters as long as you don't have much experience as a professional garage door technician. More than it can solve the problem, it may also cause a complete misaligned of the door and then you could find yourself struggling to adjust the door to close or to open properly. As far as you found yourself in a situation where you can’t figure to solve the problem, and you harm the situation more than you could help it - better call a professional garage door repair company. This service shouldn't cost you much, but it will sure save you a big headache and may even, more problems. 
After each adjustment that you make, you need to run a full cycle of the opener. If you use your opener to many times, it can get heat, and it will shut itself down. Better wait few minutes between each cycle to let the motor cool down.


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