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Garage Door Replacement

Is it about time to replace your old garage door with a better and much efficient Door? Here is what you need to know when replacing old garage door with new garage door. In this article, we will focus on what need to be in consideration of replacing the door and how to do it.

Before proceeding with any information on removal or installation of the door, Make sure to read through all supply instruction manuals. Certain steps may vary during the installation process depending on the situation and door model. Make sure to have at least one helper with you. In any circumstances - We do not recommend any unqualified person to use this article in order to replace any garage door.


Step 1: Release Old Springs Tension

  • Take extreme caution when relieving the spring - The spring is under tremendous tension and may cause a severe injured or even death. You can find out more about the different type of springs here.


Step 2: Removing The Panels

  • Start at the top panel and remove the hardware and sections one at the time. You better use an electric screwdriver to unscrew all the screws. Make sure to first release from top to bottom.

Step 3: Remove Hardware And Old Track.

  • Remove the rollers and the springs (Make sure you did follow Step 1)

  • Remove the old track. Some may say you can keep the tracks for the new door, but old tracks can be unaligned and rusty and may cause a noisy door.

*New doors often come with new tracks.


Now, after we’ve removed the old door and the hardware, it is strongly recommended to inspect the condition of the wood-frame of your garage. Check the wood jambs if rotten its should be replaced.


New Installation

Step 1: Assemble new door panels


Step 2: Installing Door Panels



  • Set up the lower section into the opening of the garage - Make sure to attach the panel to the door stops.

  • Use Balance Level to balance the panel, if needed, use a shim underneath the panel for balancing. Once the door is leveled you can use a 3” nail to attached it into place.

  • Take the next panel and attach the hinges (Number-1 in the middle. Number-2 on the ends)

  • Set the panel on the bottom section. After you centered it on placed, secure it with another nail.

  • Now attach both panels by the hinges. Keep do it to all panels.

  • When you ready to install the last panel, make sure to attach the Roller Brackets.

  • Install the Roller into the top and bottom brackets and the tubs on each hinge. Some rollers may have Two tubs - Make sure to put it on the tube farthest from the door.

     Step 3: Assemble And Install New Hardware


  • Assemble the Jam Brackets and the Flag Brackets to the vertical track (As instructed at the manual)

  • At this point, you will need to release the nails from the door panels.

  • Slide the tracks over the rollers, so the rollers are all the way into the hinges. Leave around ½” between the door and the track. You don't need to use any force on the door or on the track.

  • Use a driller to drill on each Leg Screw position and attach the Flag Bracket and Track Bracket - Make sure they stay loose.

  • The track on each side must be level with each other. You can use a measuring tape to check it from the top of the door to each track. Only after they both aligned, continue next.

  • Use the screws and tied the tracks to the wall.

  • Install the horizontal tracks. Slide the tracks over the horizontal roller and attach the cure end to the Flag Bracket with the supplied track bolts. The head of the bolt should be to the inside of the track.

  • Attach the end of the horizontal angle to the top of the flag bracket with the supplied carriage bolt.


  • Attach the end of the horizontal track to the rear tracks hangers (If you don't have Rear Tracks Hangers, you can buy it separately)

    As far as for new door installation - That's it. You will still need to install the Spring system, for Torsion or Extension springs and which is really depend on what you got and the type and brand of the door.


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